The teams and organisations that will thrive amid the current and future challenges are ones where people are not only empowered but equipped to navigate complex intra and interpersonal dynamics, and where people have the confidence and capability to take interpersonal risks, volunteer ideas, challenge the status quo, ‘speak up’ with issues and concerns, and to ask for help if required.

The shifting regulatory landscape, remote and mixed ways of working, increased job demands, elevated levels of burnout, and the need to maintain performance and productivity amidst increased scrutiny present significant challenges for the modern workplace.

To succeed, organisations need to establish high trust environments, shared identity and understanding within and across teams, effective team problem solving, and the capacity to take a proactive approach to addressing mental health and workplace behaviour.

At Psychological Safety Australia, our focus is on the practicalities of building personal, team, and leadership capabilities which make this possible.

We bring the latest insights from psychological science to deliver real behaviour, capability, and culture change, and help organisations succeed amidst the uncertainty and complexity of our turbulent world.

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We provide an extensive range of focused services

Our core aim is to build flourishing interpersonal and team environments by drawing on the lasted behavioural science insights.

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Brock is a professor of psychology and registered practicing psychologist with a keen interest in understanding why people do what they do

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Professor Brock Bastian is an internationally acclaimed researcher, author, speaker, who has spent the last 20 years seeking to understand the various social and cultural factors that impact on mental health, wellbeing, and decision-making.

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