Culture is at the heart of what we do, and we see Psychological Safety as a core feature of a flourishing, effective, and mentally healthy workplace culture.

Our approach is unique given our programs, models, and methods are based on a mixture of academic rigour and applied experience. This allows us to translate the latest research in social psychology, culture, leadership, risk management, and workplace mental health into practical and applied programs that enable concrete capability uplift and culture change.

We not only enable organisations to meet their compliance obligations, identifying and responding to psychosocial risk, but empower them to build workplace environments where people and teams can thrive.

We achieve this through a strong focus on understanding the situational and psychosocial determinants of workplace mental health and workplace behaviour, and by taking a broader perspective on understanding why people do what they do, identifying factors associated with culture, leadership, and organisational practice that provide opportunities for early intervention.

Our goal is to help organisations ‘swim upstream’ and build preventative solutions.

This is not only essential for the wellbeing of employees, but it is also critical for team problem solving, creativity and innovation, and managing workplace environments characterised by high pressure and fast-paced change.

Our behavioural insights focus on the unconscious drivers of human behaviour is distinct from traditional workplace approaches that often focus on just addressing symptomology that presents, such as stress, conflict, and poor performance, rather than addressing casual and contributory factors.

Psychological Safety Australian operates through a team of highly qualified senior psychologists and world-renowned academics. We support organisations of all sizes and have extensive experience across a vast array of sectors.


We provide an extensive range of focused services

Our core aim is to build flourishing interpersonal and team environments by drawing on the lasted behavioural science insights.

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