We provide a range of focused services with the core aim to build flourishing interpersonal and team environments. Our programs draw on the latest behavioural science insights and are delivered by highly qualified and experienced practitioners.

Consulting and Advisory

We partner with organisations of all sizes and across a range of sectors to provide strategic advisory on psychosocial risk management, workplace psychological health and safety, workplace wellbeing, and ethics and integrity.

Keynotes & Masterclasses

Our engaging and evidence-based keynotes have been delivered to global peak body conferences, leadership and team offsites, and to whole of organisation events.

“This workshop was one of the best I’ve ever participated in. The content was incredibly helpful, relevant and easy to understand. I have already recommended that all my colleagues enrol in this valuable course.”

Capability Development - Workshops and Webinars

Our workshops cover both the intra and interpersonal building blocks of supportive leadership, psychological safety, and effective risk management. They also go beyond this to provide critical team-based training experiences aimed at uplifting and resetting team culture.

Whether it is speaking to senior leaders of large organisations or providing accessible workshops for front-line staff, our approach aims to communicate scientific knowledge in a practical and accessible manner, ensuring people have the confidence and capabilities they need for managing complex and dynamic workplace challenges.

We can deliver our workshops in-person, virtually, or using mixed-modalities.

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We believe that an integrated approach to learning and culture change is fundamental to success. Working with a range of organizations we have successfully adapted our face-to-face and on-line training material into E-learning modules.

Whether to enable roll-out across large organizations, or to provide annual or bi-annual refresher material, our E-learning capabilities provide a range of solutions for building and maintaining psychologically safe workplaces, managing psychosocial risk, and uplifting integrity and ethics at work.


Whether it is building from content provided within our workshops and webinars, or enabling leaders to better support their people, we provide one-on-one and small group coaching to ensure leaders are supported to develop the key skills and capabilities they need to thrive.